We Specialize in Local
Government Law

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Lidstone & Company acts only for municipalities, and on occasion acts for entities that serve special local government purposes, such as regional districts, counties, local government authorities, boards, commissions, corporation, societies, or agencies, including police forces and library boards.

Areas of Expertise
  • Drafting and reviewing bylaws, agreements, contracts and other legal documents on any subject
  • Preparation of contracts and other related documents for sale, lease or purchase of land
  • Preparation of formal opinions on the legal ramifications and implications of matters related to local government business
  • Providing legal advice on actions taken or contemplated with respect to local government bylaws, human resource issues, land use and development, financial matters and other local government issues that arise from time to time
  • Recommending, drafting, lobbying for and implementing new legislation for the benefit of local government clients when appropriate or requested
  • Attendance at Council or Committee meetings as requested by clients
  • Participation in negotiations in relation to development, procurement, labour or employment relations, servicing, use of municipal property, or provincial or federal grants, approvals or agreements
  • Representation of local governments in civil litigation by or against local governments, except for cases handled by insurers
  • Bylaw enforcement, including injunctions, prosecutions, the bylaw adjudication forums, and the establishment of bylaw adjudication forum systems
  • Lobbying on behalf of local governments for grants and approvals
  • Preparation of Council reports with department heads in relation to legal matters
  • Governance, council procedure, conflicts of interest and elections
  • Expropriations
  • Advice and drafting of documents in relation to procurement, including construction contracts, disposition or acquisition of assets, and competitive tendering and requests for proposals
  • Acting in relation to commercial law, including personal property security, incorporation of companies or societies by local governments and public private partnerships
  • Conveyancing, preparation and registration of local government transfers, leases, rights of way, covenants, licences, and other similar things
  • Providing advice and preparing documents in relation to property assessment, property value tax, parcel tax, other taxes, development cost charges, tax sales, financial plans, reserve funds and related financial matters
  • Providing opinions and representing local governments in relation to labour and employment law, including in relation to collective agreements, grievances, arbitrations, labour relations board hearings, and attendance at Court
  • Conducting complex arbitrations and other alternate dispute mechanisms