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downloadCOVID-19 – Alberta Public Meetings – Order in Council
March 2020
downloadCOVID-19 – Today’s Ministerial Orders
March 2020
downloadCOVID-19 – New Maximum $50,000 Fine for Offence Act Prosecutions
March 2020
downloadCOVID-19 – Emergency Powers
March 2020
downloadCOVID-19 – Meetings, Public Gatherings and FOI Access
March 2020
downloadStandard of Review Under Vavilov
March 2020
downloadCarbon Pricing Reference at Supreme Court of Canada
February 2020
downloadMunicipal Law Seminar – November 1, 2019
November 2019
downloadChanges to ALC Act-Regulations
March 2019
downloadCannabis Production in the ALR / Interim Committee Report re: Revitalizing the ALR and ALC
August 2018
downloadCannabis Legalization Updates
July 2018
downloadDetails of Lidstone & Company and Murdy & McAllister Merger
June 2018
downloadVictoria’s Plastic Bag Ban Upheld / No “Development Freeze” Where Site Profile Opt-Out
June 2018
downloadLidstone & Company and Murdy & McAllister Announce Merger
June 2018
downloadLocal Government To Do List to Prepare for Cannabis Sales
February 2018
downloadRetail Licencing for Non-Medical Cannabis Update
February 2018
downloadHealth Canada’s Consultation Paper on the Regulation of Cannabis
November 2017
downloadRide-Sharing Services in British Columbia
March 2017
downloadKwikwetlem First Nation Claims Aboriginal Title Over Developed Urban Land
February 2016
downloadProvince’s press release re MMGO zoning
June 2014
downloadProvince’s comments re MMGO zoning approval
June 2014
downloadFarm Assessment Exemption for MMGO’s
June 2014
downloadConstitutional exemption affecting new MMPR’s
March 2014
downloadMedical Marihuana Production Licences and Nonconformity
March 2014
downloadAdditions to Reserve Policy
October 2013
downloadCampaign Finance Disclosure Statement Deadline
March 2012
downloadSupreme Court of Canada Refuses to Hear Susan Heyes Appeal
October 2011